Monday, November 15, 2004

(Knock, knock, knock) Who is it?

... House cleaning.
The CIA's Deputy Director for Operations Stephen Kappes and his immediate deputy, Michael Sulick, told colleagues at a morning meeting that they are leaving the agency. It's unclear if they elected to depart or were asked to step down.
I'm guessing the latter, but who cares? BRING IN THE PANTS, THANK YOU SIR!
"It is very fair to say there is tremendous turmoil in the middle ranks of the clandestine service today," said Vince Cannistraro, former CIA counterterrorism chief. "There may be eight people pushed out."

Oh, poor babies. Y'all screwed up big time, not to mention a whole bunch of Clinton hold-over skirts.
To others, Goss' aides are employing a brusque management style that is alienating career officials ...

I wish they would try this management style in the public schools. Imagine the improvement.
A former senior intelligence official credited Kappes with being "principally responsible" for the operation that resulted in Libya's decision to get rid of its weapons of mass destruction.
LOL! Yeah, it had little to do with the show of force and resolve the President had in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm sure there was some maneuvering by the CIA, but to say "principally responsible"? Again, people, I don't like being called an idiot indirectly.
Cannistraro said there is concern within the agency that Vice President Cheney is ordering changes to avenge leaks to the media indicating there was no connection between former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.
Leaks? How 'bout LIES? Seriously, if there is still anyone out there who thinks there were no connections between Saddam Hussein's regime and al=Qaida and terrorists in general you should up your prescription doses. For anyone at the CIA to continue to push this nonsense is pathetic and an obvious attempt to undermine the current administration. Vengeance? No. A much needed shake-up at the CIA? You better frickin' believe it! If they did not have a single shred of evidence (which of course, they did) of the connection change is a must.