Friday, November 19, 2004

So much for that argument

Well, looks like Saddam set up the "insurgency". I guess that means he had ties to terrorists, uh, you know, guys like al-Zarqawi and others.
Officials said the Sunni insurgency was being directed from Syria. They said Saddam loyalists were receiving funding and orders from senior aides of the former Saddam regime based in Damascus, including ex-Vice President Izzet Ibrahim Al DouriYa don't say?

Darn, and we thought they were being directed from Paris. Speaking of things in Syria, I'd say these facts lend themselves to strengthening the theory some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons were transported to Syria.
"The battle for Fallujah has become the test for Saddam loyalists," an Iraqi official said.
On a curve grading scale, I'd say the Saddam loyalists scored a big fat "F" on this test.