Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Battle of the Award Shows

Well, looks like the VIBE awards couldn't let Anna Nicole Smith's American Music Award appearance out do their shindig.
A fight broke out near the stage at the Vibe awards ceremony as rapper Snoop Dogg and producer Quincy Jones were preparing to honor Dr. Dre., and one person was stabbed...
I happened to see video of this goodness this morning. Snoop Dog looked like a scared little kid watching from the stage. He was looking hard for his bodyguards.
Witness Frank Williams told KCAL-TV that Dr. Dre was involved in the brawl.
Take THAT, Anna Nicole!
"It's really important that we don't take a negative incident like this and do away with the awards," Suge Knight told reporters.
Uh, like anyone was going to watch in the first place. OBVIOUSLY, they ratings for the show will end up at least triple what they would have been prior to this. That's why they are publicizing it. Duh.