Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Kevin Sites alternate ending

You have no doubt heard about the video that allegedly caught a Marine shooting a terrorist thug worthless piece of garbage "unarmed insurgent" in Fallujah. Yeah, whatever. For the record, let me make it very clear that not only do I think the Marine should not be charged with any sort of crime, but I believe he did the right thing. Now Kevin Sites and his cohorts at NBC want to make this into a "war crime" of course (they have not made that claim openly - I am making it for them since they are too pussy to do it), but that's because they are seditious. Let me offer an alternate ending:

Saturday November 13, 2004

FALLUJAH, Iraq - Today, in the war torn Iraqi city of Fallujah, a news organization's video camera and tape were recovered in what appeared to be a bloody scene inside a holy shrine of the peaceful religion of Islam. Both the cameraman and the report with him, Kevin Sites, were found dead near the recovered equipment.

What was on that tape suggests the camera crew had followed a group of Marines into a mosque that had been attacked and decimated a day earlier. Once inside they witness a gruesome sight of dead insurgents, bodies laying on the floor and against the walls.

At one point the Marines noticed what they thought was one of the bodies moving and breathing.

"He's (expletive) faking he's dead!"

"Yeah, he's breathing," another Marine is heard saying.

"He's faking he's (expletive) dead!" the first Marine says.

But there was some confusion as what to do.

"What should we do?"

"I don't know. Should we shoot him?"

"Beats me. He seems harmless enough."

"Yeah, I'll bet later on we can all sit down with him, have a beer and laugh over this whole thing."

The other Marines laughing agreed, but thought maybe they should check in with their command. While they were on the radio, the insurgent who was apparently still alive was able to pull out a couple grenades from under his clothing and pull their pins.

We at NBC are deeply disturbed by this clear lack of decision making on the part of the Marines and the consequences it has reaped. We have contacted Central Command for an explanation on why there is such incompetence within the ranks of the Marines. NBC does not take the loss of one of it's reporters lightly and we pledge to make sure whoever is responsible for providing proper training gets a nasty letter.

UPDATE: Rick Brady's got an interesting email from a Marine Vet (who happens to be the father of his wife) addressing this very issue.