Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Does anyone come by that isn't from google?

Jeremy is blogging about nothing. When you are blogging about nothing and you actually write about nothing you know you have a problem. Roger and company started the new PJ Media venture, but I'm thinking if there are anymore out there blogging about nothing because they feel lost if they are not blogging then maybe a good venture would be "blogging rehab". I have experience - as you may notice I've almost completely weaned myself of this blogging gig.

Yet, today, I feel the need to join Jeremy and blog about nothing.

Loews Cineplex announced they will begin publishing actual start times for the features. That's quite interesting, don't you think? Just this last Saturday I took the EiP Babe to see Kung Fu Hustle and we noticed the lights dimmed and the pre-feature crap began 8 minutes before the time published at Fandango AND at the ticket counter. It was kind of exciting. However, it threw a few late comers for a loop. A bunch of people normally accustomed to using the trailers as their safety net for a late arrival were a little dismayed to find themselves 5-minutes into the film. Ha! Ha!

I hope this becomes a trend.

See, now wasn't that an exciting post?