Monday, October 04, 2004

Why they are so frickin' pissed

On the way into the office this morning we (my assistant and I) were listening to a local radio talk show when a soldier, who is shipping out to Iraq in the next 24-hours, called in to repudiate a previous caller. He spoke about how he had given up an $80,000 a year engineering gig to join the military to defend this nation against our enemies. He was willing to put his own self in harms way to protect our freedoms and values and made it clear he knew what he was doing. Then it just hit me like an Australian road train! This is why the burned out red diaper babies are so pissed! They ARE still fighting Vietnam. They ARE still trying to take down the "establishment" and weaken the American defenses because they DO believe we are an evil empire. And how were they going to weaken the American defenses? Sure, they opposed and continue to oppose weapons programs, and they oppose any kind of just action taken by an administration whose priority is America's benefit and not passing a "global test", but their real strategy was to win in the hearts and minds of Americans, especially the elligible, able and patriotic young man who could serve this country in the most critical position possible. They wanted to, and still do, use Vietnam to try and plant fear and shame into those who might be thinking about serving in the military. They want us to think doing whatever it takes to defend our nation is a source of shame and injustice. They want that young man thinking about joining the military to think he could be a "baby killer" just like the "monsters" in Vietnam.

But they lost! And they are losing, big time. When they hear about soldiers as the one referenced at the beginning of this post they go nuts. It is more evidence they are not in the mainstream and they have lost the last battles of Vietnam. They've been so snooty for 30+ years, patting themselves on the back because "they did a good job" and changed the world. They defeated the arrogant American empire, hahaha.

Now they know they lost Vietnam and they are seething. I suppose that's why they nominated John Kerry - he is a folk hero to them. He's just another part of their reminicsing of the "good ol' days" when America was the bad guys. That's why the LOVE the fact the world is apparently upset with us.

I've got news for you, a*****, you LOST Vietnam. The young ones understand the struggle and shove your crap aside. You can kiss our royal American a**es. As I have warned in the past, get out of the way of victory or be demolished in November!