Monday, October 04, 2004

Changing of the Guard

Today, in this post, I directed you to Froggy Ruminations' post here, where he rails against the usual suspects on OUR side; Bill Kristol, George Will, Robert Novak, etc. He did not hold back from the beginning:

All we have to represent us in the MSM are a bunch of gutless, pansy pundits that are so concerned with being liked by liberals, that they are stabbing the President in the back.

I did not see that much of Kristol's appearance from Sunday, but I saw enough to see in his face a desparation. DESPARATE for what?! Are these people so scared about John Kerry's "performance" from Thursday they did not pay attention to what was actually said? Robert Novak wrote today:

By 10:30 p.m. Thursday, the mood had changed abruptly. It was Republicans across the country who were depressed and panicky.

Memo to Novak: Get a f****** clue! You're old! Just because you have this depressed and panicky feeling doesn't mean the rest of us do. In fact, the only thing depressing us is that you still have a column to spew your nonsense from. You are irrlevant to those of us who have more than 20 years of life expectancy left. You think the game hasn't evolved, that the same rules applied to 4 years ago still apply today. Sorry, but there's a new team in town and we're just getting really comfortable in our PJs and slippers. You want to be relevant? Don't leave you computer - check what is being said online by the Pajamahadeen. That's where the real momentum is. It's not virtual or simulated - there's no dancing around the debate. No, instead, there is a serious disceting of ideas, mixed in with brilliant humor. We don't want you speaking for us, anymore. We don't want your cynical, arrogant, experienced going-through-the-motions commentary being used in the manner Froggy mentiond: "Even (fill in the blank) says that Bush looked like a retarded monkey."

Hey Novak, round up your buds, Kristol, Will and anyone else who you might have spoken to that had the same inclination you did and take a nice long vacation. Let some fresh, relevant, optimistic and realistic blood take your talking-head positions and see what they can do. You're just in the way. I have warned the dissenting Democrats to get out of the way of Victory in Iraq and the larger WoT or be demolished in November. Now I'm warning you all - get out of the way of Victory in November or you will be remembered as the types on the right who typically caved and gave life to a dead campaign, AGAIN.