Saturday, November 06, 2004

More signs "liberalism", a.k.a "Government is God", is their religion

Here is my short philosophy regarding the 2 major parties in America: The (modern) Democrats have this distinct and inherent desire for power. They'll do anything to get it and when they do they'll use it in very unwise, selfish and irresponsible ways that will ultimately result in the destruction of personal Liberty, etc. The Republicans, with all their human faults, are simply there for us to vote for to keep the other party away from that power. You see, when you don't have faith in an almighty Creator you must compensate and modern day liberalism is the most common form of substitution for the Real Deal. That's why we get stories like this: Man Kills Self at Ground Zero

When your religion is proven wrong what else is there to live for? Trust me, I've thought about this long and hard (as I'm sure many of you have, too) and it comes down to one thing: If we are just floating out here in the middle of nowhere and came about from, well, nothing as it is told then what is the purpose for living? There is a lot of work and suffering that seems unnecessary and quite frankly, if there is no meaning or purpose or reason to that work and suffering then why do we have such an inherent drive and will to LIVE?

Apparently, Mr. Veal came to the conclusion there was NO reason to live - his religion had been shattered.