Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Even MORE reasons to see puppet intimacy

Bill over at INDC has scanned the Dem. Underground for their comments about "Team America: World Police." Here is a sampling:

Those guys (South Park creators) lost me years ago, when they trashed rain forest preservation & biodiversity. Call me touchy and humorless but I can't get any chuckles out of human caused mass extinction.

Actually, that was pretty friggin' hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

UPDATE: This is in NOT an endorsement of the film or a recommendation to see it. As I have warned in the past, they still have not decided whether it passes the NC-17 rating. I think, however, I'll just close my eyes and wait for the bad noises to stop - I can't miss scenes like this:

"In the opening scene, they take out half of Paris, including all of its cultural icons, in order to kill three terrorists with an WMD." - Daily Kos