Wednesday, September 15, 2004

R.I.P Johnny Cummings (Ramone)

This is going to be an extremely rare late night post, but I just received word that one of the World's most distinct musicians has left this earth and gone to meet his maker.

"Kill a Commie for Mommy"

Johnny, was a very rare conservative in his profession.

In that light, I'll announce that I was going to add a new feature called "Featured Artist(s) of the Week". It will not necessarily be of current or up-and-coming artists, but whoever I darn well feeeeeeel like. This week was going to be Mindy Smith. Of course, that has been trumped and the RAMONES have it.

But, I will leave you with some of Mindy Smith's lyrics from her title song "Come to Jesus":

Oh, my baby, when you're dying
Believe the healing of His hand
Here in Heaven we will wait for your arrival
Here in Heaven you will finally understand