Thursday, December 09, 2004

It's like building a house on ground that's shifting or settling

If somebody says, 'My boyfriend likes big boobs,' (bugmenot)that's not the right answer.

Okay, then what's the right answer?
Nicole paid for the procedure. Using money she had saved since she was 15, she made a down payment of $2,850 and financed the last $1,500.
I can see it now: "Bad credit?! No credit?! Filed for bankruptcy?! Divorced and want to get hitched again?!"
''Some things just happen, one could pop, I know,'' she says. ``But it's like life: Whatever happens happens. At least I have them at a time when I can enjoy them.''
Yeah, just like life.

And for those of you out there that are asking yourselves, "Does it matter if they are real?" Yeah, ALWAYS. I don't like false advertising. And speaking of false advertising, whuz up with the headline: More teens see implants as a right... I didn't read any quotes that support this. I was ready to tear into someone - what a let down.

Anyway, you should go read it - there are some choice quotes in there, anyway, like:
It's becoming quite the graduation gift: It's cheaper than a car and better than a fountain pen.