Monday, September 20, 2004

New Pajamahadeen term: "Security Guilt"

So, the Democrats and their lackeys first tried to project "white guilt" on us crackers. Now comes word from the tanking Democratic ticket of Kerry-Edwards they don't like it when someone happens to assert America would be safer under one administration than the other. Except, there is a problem - it is precisely the reason the majority of Americans are going to vote for a candidate in the climate we live in.

"The Kerry-Edwards campaign says House Speaker Dennis Hastert was out of line when he suggested over the weekend that al Qaeda would be better off with Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in the White House."

That right there means you and I should have "security guilt" for thinking one candidate is better suited to protect our nation.

Someone better rush over to Cutie Pie and tell her about the guilt she should have.