Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Insomnia blogging

No, I don't really have insomnia. In fact I'm just about falling asleep here at the monitor, but I figure if I'm here you might as well get some production out of me. (I suppose that title should be ammended to "Sleep blogging".)

Anyway, Heminator over at Rathergate finds a Press Release by the DNC quoting Terry McAuliffe: "
Iceberg? What Iceberg?" Kevin calls it desperation. I just think when it is all said and done the old lady* narrating the movie will be throwing her hat into the ring circa September 2007 and everyone will be asking, "Wow, how did she survive that shipwreck?"

*I'll have you know that I googled only the word "hillary" and that site was number 1 on the list. Would she stand for anything less?