Saturday, September 25, 2004

Uh, Professor...

A fellow newbie takes us to school.

Truth be told, the initial reason I started blogging here was to forfeit sending emails to my "blast" list 5 times a day, or so, to inform them of the horrible, wonderful, comical and entertaining stuff I had come across and what I thought about it. It seemed as though it probably became monotonous for some of them to open up (or delete without opening) the email, even though a couple had requested being added to the list (and yes, a lefty friend asked to be left off the list). So I sent one last "blast" to inform them there was no longer going to be email and if they enjoyed what they received they should visit this blog (consequently, I just found out tonight that one of them STILL did not realize he knew the author of this site. He just assumed it was another "forwarded" link). They, and possibly some of their acquaintances, are still the only ones who know who I am (anonymous it is).

As well, for a number of months I had done my best to stress the importance of blogs and the new media - to those on the blast list - that it was about to bust out of its cocoon and a media revolution would follow. Dan Rather proved that correct, and Jonathan Klein was just that last bit of motivation I needed to join the 'sphere.

But just the other day I was given another, more important reason to blog - because I CAN, because guys like this are spending nights at 9,000 ft. altitude 9,000 miles away protecting my unalienable rights to tell it like I see it while sitting in a heated room in front of a computer. What kind of ungrateful moron would I be if I did not? That's not to say those who don't blog are ungrateful morons - they have better things to do, like take care of their families and read MY blog - it is just to say that now I am blogging and and have read the Warrior's note home I "should know my roll": Not let their sacrifices be in vain (exercise those rights, privileges and values they have fought for)? I am grateful that dispatch from the Warrior made it my way. I know (knew) that guy - lived with him for 8 months or so - and that letter was from a completely different person than I knew. It was a serious reality check. Sure, I'll continue with the dry wit, the non-serious, smart a** attitude (most of the time) - it's one of the blogosphere's most endearing traits - but I'll be blogging with the understanding that I CAN, and that's what my role is (along with those Rick Brady spectacularly explained).