Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ali hits the mark

Ali stays clear of criticizing Kerry directly, and instead uses Riverbend as a surrogate for Kerry's deserved spanking.

But the most insightful and telling paragraph of his post is this:

Allawi’s speech was articulate, impressive and honest and most
Iraqis I talked to lately share the same opinion with me, but much more
impressive was the reaction of all members of the congress who were there. That
was the American people there, the whole American nation not just republicans,
standing and cheering not Allawi but what he stood for; IRAQ. They were showing
support and friendship to Iraq not Allawi and that was a rare moment in history
where the two nations Iraq and America stood as equal friends, no actually it
was more like family as one American friend described. Insulting Allawi and Bush
and the whole speech, speaking so harshly of that unique moment is an insult not
to Bush or Allawi but to both the Iraqi and American nations, and yes that goes
for everyone did that.

Ali can say this with great confidence because of the comments his readers have left for months indicating their steadfast alliance with the NEW Iraq and more importantly with its citizens. The ovations Allawi received was not only indicative of what SHOULD have been conveyed, but what the majority of Americans have wanted to give Iraq - a warm welcome into the community of civilization. I suppose the reason it had not been done is directly linked to the absence of Allawi's "thank you" speech prior to Thursday, but now that much needed assurance of gratitude has demolished the doubt left in many confused minds.

Yes, Ali, that is exactly what took place in joint congress on Thursday morning - thank you for recognizing it.

Oh, and we know who you refer to when you say "that goes for everyone [who] did that." The person knows who he is and Ann Althouse knows who he is, too. A fatal mistake it WILL prove to be.