Thursday, September 23, 2004

A call for those on the home front - HELP OUR WARRIORS!!!


This might possibly be the most important fatwa for the Pajamahadeen issued on this blog yet... No, it IS the most important, especially after this post.

And come back here regularly to see updates. This is where the blogosphere SHOULD use its clout. You will not hear a call like this from the "legacy media", including FOX News, for a number of reasons, but the blogosphere, free of editors and numerous levels of "fact-checking" can act without hesitation.

There is no option to purchase this film yet, but Bryan @ Junkyardblog will keep us appraised. I'll keep you appraised and EXPECT YOU TO DO YOUR PART!!!

UPDATE: My mistake - there is an option at the top right corner. Or go here... Doooo it! And then when you receive it come here to get the address to send it to. Or we'll try to get the address up ASAP so you can just have it shipped there.

UPDATE II: I just put my money where my mouth is. Now it's YOUR TURN.

UPDATE III: I have changed the links on the above links because it has come to our attention that it is $9 on Deep Discount.

UPDATE IV: That means buy 2 copies for the WARRIORS.

(I have got to stop blogging so hastily this late at night)