Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So, yesterday I'm hanging out at the driving range with a buddy of mine who recently returned from his tour in Baghdad. We're having a good time talking a little about his time there (not nearly as bad as CBS would like you to think) and what his plans were now. As we were finishing up and heading out I asked where he wanted to go so I could buy him a beer, since it was the least I could do for his service. He said, "Oh no, I can't drink." "What," I said, "you had to stop?"

Apparently he contracted tuberculosis in Iraq, so now he is required to take medication and NOT DRINK for 9 months. He went a year without a beer and now he's gotta add 9 months to it. Bummer.

Good thing its latent TB. I was kinda nervous at first when he told me.