Friday, May 27, 2005

Here, Sithy, sithy, sithy

Okay, my Sith review:

Much better than the first 2, technically. Still a little too much computer graphics and definitely some imaging "borrowed" from LOTR.

But come on Lucas spokespersons, how stupid do you think some of us are?
“Those lines were written a very long time ago, well before George W. Bush took office,” LucasFilm spokesman Lynn Fox said.
Uh, yeah. Which lines are you speaking of? "A wonderful thing has happened. I've become pregnant"????

With all due respect, Lucas freaks, there is definitely some commentary in the film. With that said, they have every right to do with their film as they wish, as paranoid and delusional as those wishes may be.

What was the most disappointing part of the evening? NO NARNIA TRAILER!