Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Darth Rove and his Rovetroopers

Yesterday, I received a lengthy email (as I'm sure many of you did) from susan@redefeatbush.com reminding me the film "Bush's Brain" will be screened on the Sundance Channel the night before the election. The following is just the beginning of the email.

For Immediate Release: October 25, 2004

Bush’s Brain Screens on Sundance Channel
November 1st

Los Angeles, CA -
BUSH’S BRAIN, the acclaimed feature film documentary that introduces the country to Karl Rove, the man known as “Bush’s Brain”, the most powerful political figure America has never heard of, will run on cable’s Sundance Channel on November 1st at 10:10pm EST. The film, directed and produced by Joseph Mealey and Michael Paradies Shoob, is based on the best-selling book BUSH’S BRAIN (Wiley, 2003) by journalists James Moore and Wayne Slater.

Silly susan@redefeatbush.com, if you would have done some research you would have know I already take my marching orders from Darth Rove.