Thursday, October 28, 2004

More Admissions from EiP

So, the other day I made a couple of admissions: I hate commies and really dislike public schools and teachers unions.

Today, I'm making a little different admission. For the most part, I am lactose intollerant (yeah, I'm a lactosists. What?!), so instead of dairy products I do a lot of substituting with soy based products (which I seem to do much better on). So, during this time of year when certain products that I absolutely love begin to trickle out to the stores it can be kind of depressing. I love egg nog... a lot! And for some reason, I always forget about this eventually being distributed in the stores:

Yeah, I really do not appreciate lefty pinkos, but I do love Silk Nog!!!! It's a lot better than you might think.