Thursday, October 28, 2004

Eclipse blogging

Greyhawk took some photos of the moon's eclipse from Baghdad, but made it very clear the attention is ALL focused towards Fallujah:
But for now its Fallujah that draws the flies home. And from all over the country they are moving, crawling to Fallujah, joining together for an orgy of death, a result as certain as the dawn of a new day in a newly freed nation - the inevitable end of the night.
Yeah, an orgy of death. Isn't that what islamofacists live for?
...remember this: immediately after Al Qaeda castrated Spain with a few well-placed bombs the organization released a tape claiming the victory. That tape included this phrase: "You love life and we love death."

"You Love life, we love death"
The Marines will bring the love to Fallujah.

Show me the luuuuuvvv, Marines!