Saturday, October 30, 2004

Don't give me that load of CRAP!

Hey, those aren't my words - they're some old ladies words. Rick Brady's been working the GOtV. Check it out:
"Sweet heart. I'd rather die than vote for that man!" The Kerry supporter said, "But Bush will take away your Social Security!" The old lady said curtly, "Don't give me that load of CRAP! I've been on Social Security for over 20 years and every 4 years the Democrats run around trying to scare seniors. You're the one who ought to worry about Social Security!"
She's right, you know. She's not the one who needs to worry about SS - it's us young'uns, that is for sure. I don't know how many understand it or are concerned about it, but maybe it's more than I might think. With polls showing the 18-29 crowd favoring Bush 60-40 most of the time perhaps his SS plan resonates with us, or maybe we just understand it's our turn to kick the crap out of the "arrogance of evil".