Friday, October 29, 2004

Why didn't I say something?

I was going to make the suggestion yesterday regarding Explosivesgate that could it possible WE removed the explosives, but figuring this would have been an angle everyone had already persued it must not have panned out. Well, guess I should have been making that suggestion yesterday because Drudge has the African-American voter intimidation device up and this is what he's written:
FLASH 10.29.04 11:36:56 ET /// Soldier to brief reporters at Pentagon within the hour that he was tasked with removing explosives from al QaQaa and he and his unit removed 200+ tons... Officer was ordered to join the 101st airborne on April 13 -- to destroy conventional explosives at the al QaQaa complex... Developing...
I'll I have to say is, DUH!!!