Friday, October 01, 2004

Why this election will be LOST as much as WON

Because the GOP is on top of things. Don't forget to check out the video that goes along with it. This is nearing brilliant, but it's the well editted and slick commercials that will do Kerry in. After much thought about what happened last night I am becoming more and more convinced Hugh Hewitt is correct in assesment Kerry LOST the debate, big time. Kerry's words will come back to haunt him, once again.

Check back later. I might go through the debate transcript and "translate" some of Kerry's lines. Here is an example:

“I’ve Had One Position, One Consistent Position, That Saddam Hussein Was A Threat.”

Translation: You are a moron. You will never find out what I said in the past. I am the smartest man in the world!

UPDATE: Instapundit's readers have some questions about the "global test" and then one of them found it! Now we can cheat! Oh yeah, Kerry gets a scathing review from The New Republic.

UPDATE II: By the way, I KNOW there will be bloggers out there who create their own "global test". When they do and they are located they'll be referenced here.