Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate blogging, volcano blogging - same thing

Why, you ask? Because nothing unexpected happened at either the debate or the volcano (yet).

Generally, I'd call this one a draw, but I'd have to honestly give Bush the tiebreak on a couple of issues:

1) We heard nothing new from the President. Predictably steady. Move along, nothing new to see here.

2) Bush did not give the other side anything to use.

3) We heard nothing new from Kerry circa 1971 - Dem. Primaries, but we definitely heard something new from him since the primaries that will give the Bush Camp a HUGE issue to push and to help reinforce Kerry's past transgressions against our weapons systems and that was his call to abandon nuke programs. That was the most delusional comment of the night, and quite possibly the entire campaign. Here is the ad: (voice over): Kerry wants to make us weaker. (video of Kerry talking about ending nuclear bunker busters development) ... the rest is just details.

4) The Dems and their base have been screaming through out this entire campaign that "Saddam Hussein was not a threat and that IS the issue", while John Kerry has been blabbering about "the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time". Tonight, John Kerry made a substantial boo-boo by saying "He was a threat, but that WASN'T" the issue. Again, that just contradicts everything his political allies, and even himself, have been saying.

If the Bush Camp is smart they'll be jumping all over the nuclear development flub and the NEWEST contradiction - in separate commercials and combine the two in one commercial kinda like this:

"Sen. Kerry says Saddam was a threat, and says there are still threats, but he wants to weaken our defense. Maybe the reason Senator Kerry thinks we should weaken our weapons development is because he thinks WE'RE our own biggest threat? What say you, Mr. Kerry?"

UPDATE: Of course, we can count on you know who to be Allah over this. One link for me and I'm done.

UPDATE II: One more reason to give the tie break to Bush is this (Duh!) - we saw THE best of Kerry tonight. Bush can only improve and there's 2 more debates. Ad In!

UPDATE III: Podhoretz agrees Kerry just handed us Bush bloggies a new issue and says it's our responsibility to fisk him for it. I still think the Bush Camps needs to create a commercial with video from the debate of Kerry speaking about his latest and greatest "nuclear freeze" scheme - it will take away what very little Kerry MIGHT have gained from the debate and force the audience to pay more attention to what he says in the next debates, rather than his "appearnce".

UPDATE IV: LaShawn Barber is live-blogging Rush's reaction to last night? You won't see this on the Jim Leher news hour.

UPADTE V (as in Victory): Frank J. got his hands on Kerry's notes and Bush's notes they were scribbling while the other was talking. Oh yeah, he analyzes the debates, too.

UPDATE VI: One of Pajama's loyal followers agrees with my assessment, too

Kerry obviously won on style. He looked good. But who has the material to work with and exploit over the next week? Clearly Bush.

Let the exploiting being!!!!