Sunday, September 26, 2004

Football blogging turns into political blogging (of course)

It's been a long day. If you had read this post you would already know where I spent my day - paradise.

Things went well for my team, spanking the San Francisco 49ers 34-0. It was the first time the '9ers had been shutout, skunked, held scoreless, what have you, since 1977. It was fairly satisfying and the town is a buzz now the 'Hawks are 3-0 going into the bye week. If you want more about that buzz you can go here.

The one experience I'd like to share with you from the game has to do with a 49ers' fan who was sitting 5 seats down. The score was 24-0 at the time and instead of accepting his team's predicament he bitterly mocked the 'Hawks and finally blurted out, "Five rings, baby! Five rings!" Now, I know those of you who have been paying attention to Hugh Hewitt's CBS coverage might first think of the five rings associated with this, and even though he might as well have been, he instead was referring to the five Supberbowl Champions rings San Francisco has won. This was the only source of pride in his team remaining and what struck me about it was the similarity between his "five rings" and John Kerry's "I was in Vietnam". The 49ers had nothing on the scoreboard to give any hope of pulling out the win and John Kerry has no record to run on that would be acceptable to any sort of majority of voters. Have the people around John Kerry always known he never had a chance of winning the election and that is why from the very beginning of his campaign they have advised him to highlight his 4 months in Vietnam? Pffff, obviously!

Anyway, I've been gone all day and have no idea what's been going on. Off to hunt and read.