Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kids: Theirs and ours

Today was one of those good working days where you work 2 hours in the office and the remaining 6 playing a round of 18 (travel & warm-up time included, of course) paid for by someone you spend a lot of money with.

During the round the subject of children came up. You know, now that I've been hitched for a year those questions become more prevelent as time passes. The EiP Babe is becoming increasily anxious to get on with the part of our family. I'll admit it, I am a little, too. Even after reading this* and knowing sometimes some peoples' kids turn out a little more than obnoxious.

*This whole post was simply so I could link to Doug TenNepal. Since it's been quite some time since I've blogged consistently it's been a long time since we've linked to Doug and I love his blog... And really, how could I not link to that post? You should check out Doug TenNepal more often yourselves.