Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I love the smell of corruption in the morning...

If this doesn't stink of corruption and back channel campaign contributions then I don't know what does:
Washington state will pay more than $17 million to tribal and local officials to settle lingering disputes over the state's accidental disturbance of an ancient American Indian village and burial ground.

...Gregoire's office said the governor was invited to help with negotiations during a six-month mediation period.

$17 million for an "accidental distrubance"? We're paying out $17 mil. for an accidental disturbance? Imagine what those who have had their land intentionally disturbed by the government for the racket under the guise of environmental protection.

This is sick. Will we be able to count how many politicians (on either side) will be lining up to be "invited" to negotiations for lawsuits against governments?