Friday, July 28, 2006

More Landis...

Testosterone 101.
"If no such comparable data is available, Pipe said, the rider will have to be tested again in the future. For this reason, Pipe said he was surprised that the findings from Landis's A sample have been made public."

Hmm, something isn't adding up here. Could the issue of the result actually be a character sabotage by his own team Phonak management? They are the one's who made it public - not the UCI. The UCI only confirmed this after Phonak made the announcement. Landis has made it clear he is talking with other teams regarding contracts after his expires with Phonak after the current season.

Could someone or someones be taking out a pre-emptive revenge on Floyd on the assumption he will be leaving the team?

Or could it be a sabotage by the UCI since they did actually inform the team of the results (not certain if they directly informed Landis)?