Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My take on "Fauxtography" story

Once again, it is left up to EiP to get to the bottom of this whole fiasco.

First, can we all just start of with a big collective, "Duuuuh"? Of course they're faking photos. They have faked just about everything else, so why wouldn't they fake photos? The story should be about how there are people out there who are actually "shocked" by it, like those left out of the inside joke.

Second, the real person behind this latest fake-but-accurate thing is clearly Keyser Soze. He's obviously interested in helping Iran obtain nuclear arms because it's "a highly profitable violation of U.N. policy." (Kobayashi)

Third, it seems clear that Keyser's "lawyer" friend is the infamous Adnan Hajj, aka Issam Kobeisi. The Arab translation of "Kobayashi"?

Time to move on, Keyser - the gig is up.