Friday, August 18, 2006

Cleaning this place up...

This place needs some house keeping. That Severa Nazarkhan has been the "Artist(s) of the Week" and "Memento" featured film for about 80-something weeks. Maybe we should update it. (You think? - Ed.)

So, starting today, the artist will be Miss KT Tunstall. We're always looking for freshness here at EiP and there's nothing fresher than KT. She may be the most unpretentious musice artist to have "made it big" for quite some time. She knows what she does well and sticks to it. Must be those Scottish-Chinese roots of hers. We discovered (for ourselves) KT about a year ago and haven't looked back. In May she made a tour stop here in Seattle and put on a show that simply rocked a packed house (sound very iffy) of 300-400. It won't be a crowd that small any time soon - she's made the big show. Listen up - I think you'll like what you find, if you haven't already.

The Featured Film will not be, unfortunately, the highly lauded Snakes On A Plane (although, with reviews like this how could we not at least go see it. Oh man, my wife's gonna be so ticked when I tell her we have tickets to see it tonight). Actually, I can't think of a film I'd like to feature. Bummer.

Here is a film review, however:

Little Miss Sunshine - Napoleon Dynamite rated-R and not nearly as entertaining (gut wrenching funny). It's a definite "wait-for-video/pay-per-view". I like indie films, but not films that are indie just for the sake of being indie.