Friday, July 08, 2005

Who[m] to blame for 7/7

If you take a gander around the world wide web, a.k.a. the interent, cyberspace, the United Geekdom, etc. you will find people (supposedly) starting to point fingers at who[m] to blame for yesterday's bombing attacks in London. You will find, of course, the obvious: al Qaida. Then there are those blaming George W. Bush and Tony Blair and their greedy war-for-oil for the attacks. Not far behind you'll find it was all a Zionists plot colaborated by Benjamin Netanyahu and the Joooooooos. Refusing to be left out, poverty is clipping at their heels for some attention, too.

Yet, no one is really looking closely enough in the most obvious direction: I blame Phillip Johnson and his disdain for gall bladders:
For London, the first week of July 2005 was like the summer of '69 packed into one week... For me, however, it's been a more or less typical week on the road... Stuff always goes wrong when I travel.
Then a commentor on his site left this:
I’ve traveled with Phil several times. On one trip to India we had a small earthquake, a major train derailment (we were on the afternoon train, and the evening train to our destination is the one that derailed), the building across the street from where we were staying went on fire, we had several black outs, and the lavatory door on the airplane came off in Phil’s hand. Other than that it was without event.

I always check to see where Phil is going before booking holiday plans. I suggest you do the same.
Do you need anymore evidence?

UPDATE: You people have been coming from PyroManiac and didn't even bother to mention my spelling mistake. For shame! I am very, very disappointed.

(Editing credits: Phillip Johnson)