Thursday, January 13, 2005

330 days and counting

As you probably know, the extended version of the final Lord of the Rings installment from Peter Jackson, The Return of the King, was released a couple weeks before Christmas. The EiP Pink Old Navy Pullover Babe and I have spent quite a long time since then rummaging through the extras - they are endless and when you are too ill for breathing you lay on the couch much with whatever entertainment you can muster to put in the DVD player.

The most fascinating aspect of all the extras from the trilogy has been the work done by the brain child of Richard Taylor - WETA Workshop. These people take their jobs seriously and they brought a level authenticity to Jackson's vision that could not have been achieved by a lesser dedicated group. So, when it was announced over a year ago WETA would be doing a great deal of work on The Chronicles of Narnia I was very pleased. Now, they have released 2-minute teaser clip of a small portion of WETA's initial work on CoN.

I'm pumped!