Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mmmm - yummy.

I like food, and I especially like Mediterranean food, mostly Greek. Dolmas, spanikopita, Greek salads, you name it. Of course, to enjoy these foods it means going out or picking up something prepared from the grocer. But I don't like that - it gets expensive and I enjoy cooking and am quite good at it. So, I ran around yesterday to all my usual shopping destinations like TJ's and Fred Meyer(Kroger) and Whole Foods (yeah, that's right!) and Ballard Market, and even though they all have Dolmas in their deli sections none of them stock grape leaves for purchase. So, I was on a mission today - find grape leaves in the greater Seattle area.

I LOVE THE INTERNET(S)! I found this gem of a grocery store and it had every Mediterranean goody I could hope for. So I picked up a one pound jar of grape leaves, some olive oil soap for the girlfriend, some pickled asparagus, peperoncinis and just as I was walking to the counter they were able to entice me with the best feta I've ever tasted, for $3.99/lb. Man, I usually stick to TJ's for most of shopping but Pacific Food Importers will become a regular stop, from now on.

Now, to create Dolmas and a nice Greek salad.

(I have no idea what that means, but it's what came up in the translator as "bye")

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the importance of olive oil to me. It, obviously, is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, but it's more like an obsession with me. I've been known to go through a litre of olive oil all by myself in less than 2 weeks. Is that healthy?