Sunday, November 21, 2004

Coming out of the closet

For many years I have endured a secret deep inside myself. It has been painful one to keep, especially amongst a number of friends and family. But now, with the support and help of another blogger, Michele Catalano of A Small Victory, and her commenters, I feel it is an appropriate time to let everyone know the truth:

My truth is that I... do not... like... The Beattles. If ever there was a band whose music will instantly get me to change the radio dial it is The Beattles.

There, now you know the truth.

I hope Michele does start a support group or alliance of blogs for those of us who have the same sentiments - this blog would most certainly become a charter member. And speaking of alliances, Jeremy over at American Warmonger recently joined the Alliance of Free Blogs, whose soul purpose is to spread lies about Glenn Reynolds. Considering this post a few days ago maybe I should seek membership.