Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Freedom to Flee

Well, things are coming down fast, and there is no doubt those hell bent on re-educating your children for the social better will do everything they possibly can to complete that re-education. It's here, too, but too many people are in denial because, well, it's a whole lot easier to drop your kids off at school (for whatever reason):
I'm[sic] fully understand a government that insists that children be educated, but this is over the top. In Germany, there is only one way this will be done and that is by the state. There is no place for the parent in the equation.

There is no way, no how any kids my wife and I have will be put through the public school system of this country - full stop. Not this country. Not any. The commie-pig social engineers have complete control, as has been their goal, and have billions upon billions of dollars to conduct their brainwashing. I, for one, will not actively or willingly subject anyone I am responsible for to their system. To their repression. Will you? Do you? And if you do, how often are you forced to contradict their "instructors"? How much do you know of what they are being told and how they are manipulated?