Saturday, June 11, 2005

My new blog friend

I like this Doug TenNapel guy.
Why do you have a problem with the religious right separated from the secular left? It's what both the religious right and the secular left want. Maybe you should tend to your own tampon before you start messing with mine. Wow! You're right! This conversation crap is fun!
I don't know him, but I like him. Hmm, do you think he'd contemplate having a converstation (DRINK!) regarding opening up dialogue (DRINK!) to further an attempt to have a conversation (PASS OUT!)....

UPDATE: Man, I REALLY like this guy.
With every reveal of these prequels, the more information I learn about the details of pre-history, from Padme giving birth, to Vader getting chopped and burned, to the Materialist explanation for the Force being Metaclorians, the less I like the original three movies.