Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Illegal Mexican boy UPDATE

First, get up to speed here and here...

As the title of this post indicates, I have an update and you people are going to think I'm making this up.

So, as I had mentioned, the mexican boy was going to be coming across the border with the aid of an amature coyote. Boy, did that ever turn out to be true. Unfortunately(fortunately???), the fake passport he was using didn't look like him, so the Customs Agent pulled them over, check things out and took him into custody.

They found out who he was and said, "Oh, did we say you were banned from America for 10 years? We meant FOREVER."

Did that stop him? Of course not. So, he decided to employ the help of an "experienced" coyote who charges upward of $1000 (Heh. Amature!). So the Wile E. gets them across the border, drops them off in the desert and says he'll come back after taking care of some business, but never comes back (oh my, shocker!).

Yeah, here is mexican boy with a couple of other guys out in the middle of the desert not know what to do, starving and thirsty. They stay there for a couple days and then decide to turn themselves in so they could live. Oh, the irony.

So, now he's REALLY banned from the U.S. FOREVER (can you get longer than eternity?). What does American Dad do? Flies him to Canada (Ha!) , BUT even Canada didn't want him, so American dad had to pay a $4000 bond to Canada to allow mexican boy to stay in Canada for 60-days.

If I were mexican boy I know who's counsel I'd be asking for. Get it right, dude!

UPDATE: Oh, it gets even more interesting with American Dad talking about taking this public. What the...?????!!!!