Friday, May 13, 2005

Hush little baby, don't you cry...

... We're trying to sock illegals in the eye.

Oh, da poor wittwe Mexican govewnment isn't happy about us wanting to curb illegal immigration.
President Vicente Fox said he would lodge a diplomatic complaint, and was considering complaints to multilateral bodies if Mexico could not unable to resolve the problem bilaterally.
Multilateral bodies? Like what - the U.N.? (yeah, I know it's more than like the WTF, etc. etc. It was just a good excuse to throw in something abou the oil-for-terror scam).
In the US, leaders of the Mexican community threatened to strike to send a message to US employers that they could not survive without cheap Mexican labour.
YEAH! That'll show us. Strike to prove that you've made your own country so worthless that you have to break into our country and work for CHEAP. Wow, that's a serious lesson.

Hush wittwe Mexican, don't you cwy...

Now for a little story from my personal life related to this topic and one that is somewhat reassuring.

Here's how it goes...

American Girl gets job at Mexican restaurant. American girl meets Mexican Boy at restaurant. American Girl and Mexican Boy start to date. Eventually, Mexican Boy decides to propose marriage to American Girl. American Girl says, "Heck yes." American Mom and Dad plan wedding - a bunch of Mexicans show up (I skip out).

Three years later American Girl conceives with child. Mexican Boy decides he wants to get a legitimate green card. American Mom and Dad say, "What? We didn't know you weren't legal. Yes, you should try and get your legitimate green card." Author slaps his head and says, "What? He worked in a Mexican restaurant. How could you have not know?"

Mexican Boy hires lawyer to help with acquiring legitimate green card. Laywer says, "Uh, the government says you'll need to go back to Mexico to be processed there." Mexican Boy says, "What should I do?" Lawyer says, "I dunno. Go to Mexico."

Mexican Boy goes back to Mexico and takes Prego American Girl.

Mexcian Boy takes trip to consulate. "Hi - I want to get my green card. I have an American wife." Consulate says, "Okay, fill out these papers." Mexcian Boy fills out papers.

Consulate now says, "We need to ask you some questions." Mexican Boy answers questions. Consulate says, "Thanks for answering our questions and filling out the paperwork. YOU ARE NOW BANNED FROM THE UNITED STATES FOR 10 YEARS."

Mexican Boy says, "Wha...?" American Girls says, "But, but, but I'm prego. I can't have a baby in Mexico. How could this have happened." Author says, "Because you married an illegal alien." American Mom and Dad say, "Oy!" Mexican Mom and Dad say, "Welcome home!"

Stay tuned...