Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Earth to hippies: Stop smoking the weeeeeed...

... or you might file a really, really, really, really stooooopid lawsuit. Along with the lawsuit you might say some really, really, really, really stooooopid comments like the following:

If my religion says that once a year on a full moon, I had to get into a hit-and-run accident, I think the cops would take exception to that," he said.

So, this guy is comparing getting in a hit-and-run accident to a school (and parents) deciding it is inappropriate for boys to wrestle girls? Seriously, dude, you need to stop hitting whatever it is you've lit up.
Meaghan Connors and Sylvie Shiosaki find the sport challenging, fun and not at all sexual.
Yeah, well that's because they are some seriously naive 13-year-old girls. Duh!
"When you walk on the mat, you're not a girl, you're not a guy anymore. You're just there to wrestle," (Sylvie) Shiosaki said.
Who has been feeding them this line of BS? Let's get something straight here: BOYS AND GIRLS ARE NOT EQUAL!!!!!

I think the league president sums it up best, though:
"I don't care if it's a religious school or not," he said. "If a person chooses not to wrestle, they don't have to wrestle."
But, but, but wrestling is a "right":
"My daughter's rights," he said, "are not going to be bargained away for any reason."

Just read the whole article if you want to throw up, 'cause it gets even worse. What a frickin' sob story. GET OVER YOURSELVES, PEOPLE!

(P.S. I somewhat feel for the girls, because they are going to grow up being misearble, wondering why the type of boys they want to date don't want to date them. Poor girls. Someone, namely their parents, are really doing them a disservice).

(P.S.S. Oh, and if you are going to leave a comment about how sexist I am, blah, blah, blah know that I will only laugh at you.)