Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Liberal admits defeat; wants out of bet!

People, I just received the email of the year. Let me set this up for you.

Back during the Democratic primaries my lefty buddy was going off on how "W. is going down!" So, with my inclination that no matter who won the nod for the Dems W. was going to win I set out to call his "confidence" bluff, challenging him to a bet - there will be no Democrat taking the oath of office on January 20, 2005 other than Hillary. The spoils were as follows: Prime tickets to a Seahawks' game, breakfast before the game, and dinner after at one of the finest estaurants in town. He came back and said, "My daddy told me never to bet on politics, but I can't hold back on this." I assumed he would never take the bet - to me it seemed easier than taking candy from a baby, but we were on. Until, well, today:

Hey, (Editor), I think we should call off our

When we first entered into the wager, it seemed like a
fair battle. ButI underestimated the dirty capabilities of the
Repubilcan Hate Machine. It seems that Karl Rove and all his lies has
succeeded in pulling thewool over the American people's eyes. Barnum
was right, there's a suckerborn every minute. I had no idea that the
evil manipulations of the Dubya gang would be so effective. Right down
to the crap about the swift boat business. They're so good at warping
everything that the simple truththat Kerry served and put his life on the
line and Bush didn't, is just swept away. Iraq is a mess, it's going to
be Viet Nam all over again, and many many young Americans are going to die
because of Bush's lies.

I harbor hope that the American public is
smart enough to see through all this incredible nonsense, but as I said,I underestimated the capability of how far down the sewer Bush and his evil crew will go, to continue down this dark and horrible path they are leading

The reason I think we need to call off the bet is
simply this: I am enjoying the Seahawk year more than any other
time. I have working through all those bad years from 1977. I
don't want anything to taint the joy and fun - and should the unthinkable
happen and Bush win, then I would always connect this possible Super Bowl
year with that scumbag. And I absolutely will renege on wearing a Bush

The same thing applies, incidentally, should Kerry
win. Again, connecting this great football season with this election
is just not where I think I want to be. So call me a welsher, a
chicken, whatever you want. The political fight is not fair, is ugly
beyond words. It'slike a football game with crooked referees.
When we first made the bet it seemed like a fun thing. No
longer. Whichever way the result goes, it will be tainted and who
needs that.

Or we can make it for Husky season tickets . . . I
understand they areeasy to get these days.

(Lefty Buddy)

This is priceless.


So, I replied telling him I'd let him out of everthing except wearing a Bush campaign button for the month of November and then added for good measure:

I never thought you would enter the bet in the first place.
The whole point of challenging you to the bet was to call your bluff. It
took 9 months, but...


You know, for good measure.

Here is his well thought out response. I think he hocked it from Fatso's website, but I cannot confirm it.

Mission Accomplished, huh. Just like
Dubya's big Mission Accomplished on the photo-op flight deck (turn that ship
around so we get a better picture of the ocean, will ya?). Just like the
nearly 900 American servicemen and women who DIED IN THAT NEEDLESS, HORRIBLE
WAR, AFTER 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!' How in the name of God can you defend

Yeah, you bet, mission accomplished. That
piece of shit.

As I mentioned before, as your side always tends to
conveniently overlook, you don't see the incredibly dark road we have been and
will continue to travel. How you can support a man whose only interest is
taking care of the rich, screwing the environment, and is the most polarizing
jackass ever to disgrace his noble office - well, it's beyond me. I'm no
great lover of Kerry either, you know. I'm only voting for him because he
at least can form a complete sentence and HE ISN'T BUSH.

Now, review again why I am calling off the bet. Look at what
I really said. I said I didn't want to tie this great Seahawk year with
the politics, meaning both candidates. No matter which way it went,
I didn't want to taint the joy of the football with what has become an ugly,
nasty political season. No bluff on my part. Again, I didn't
realize the putrid lengths Karl Rove and his cronies would go, just to continue
the theocratic fascist regime that is slowly settling in. It started
off fun, trading good natured jabs - before the mud flew. Swift Boat
veterans for truth, my ass.

Your gloating is hollow, my
friend. If Bush wins, it's no victory. Not by a long shot.
This nation will lose so much. A Bush re-election scares the
living daylights out of me. Can't you see how dangerous this clown
is? I see that needless war dragging on, terrorism strengthening (oh
yes, Dubya's little invasion rallied all those badass terrorists, hardly
destroying them), drilling in protected wildernesses, 45 million Americans still
without health insurance, medicare premiums going up, a continued loss of jobs
and recession, continued contempt for us by the rest of the world, a
continuating of the national depressed mood, and the sad fact that the
presidency is represented by a dunce who is in the back pocked of big business
starting with Halliburton, elitists. By the way, remember what Yogi said,
"it ain't over 'til it's over." And should Kerry pull it off - which is
certainly a strong possibility - I won't gloat, I'll just breathe a sigh of
relief for this nation.

I will not wear that Bush button
except in the lower exremity of my underwear, where it belongs. By
the same token, I won't ask you to wear a Kerry button if this nation does the
right thing and elects a good man - who put his life on the line for his
country, while Bush danced around in the national guard, where he got in thanks
to daddy's influence. Oh, I think I'll just puke if I think any more about
that sleazebag. I should forward a very solid, intelligent
analysis that came my way via Michael Moore, but why bother. You're one of
those Barnum people, and you're WRONG. Some day you'll

But, again, just look again at why this bet is off. The
football, the football kept pure and exciting. Your goddam republican
slimebags took the fun out of it. "It's not fair" is a total
simplification. Dirty politics and mean assholes all seem to reside within
the republicans. Our founding fathers are rolling in their

I am not backing down from my positions, there is no
mission accomplished here. I am separating the two elements, Seahawks and
the presidential race. Got it?


(Lefty Buddy) Proud Liberal Democrat

Oh wait, I guess he did get it from Fatso. Notice how he admitted he's not voting FOR Kerry. No friggin' kidding, pal - nobody is! Maybe there will be more. We'll see.

UPDATE: Powerline has the digs on the Dems latest and greatest cheap trick. For those of you who are wondering if there is more from my lefty buddy, well yes, there was Moore. I was simply sent Fatso's "hey, why the gloom and doom" message. What do you say to a 63-year-old who is a Michael Moore fan?